Photos + Writing


General Publications:

Surviving a Windswept Land - Archaeology Magazine, July/August 2023

Visiting Maine - National Geographic, June 2023

Where the World Was Born - Archaeology Magazine, May/June 2020

A Ship of Ivory - Archaeology Magazine, May/June 2020


Using lipid residues to interpret past alpine diet and subsistence in northwestern Wyoming - Hunter Gatherer Research

Roman Farming and Archaeobotany - a chapter in The Making of a Roman Imperial Estate: Archaeology in the Vicus at Vagnari, Puglia

Considering High Altitudes In the Numic Debate -, a chapter in Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear: Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Rocky Mountains and Borderlands

Modeling Site Location Patterns Amongst Late-Prehistoric Villages in The Wind River Range, Wyoming - Journal of Archaeological Science

An Ice Patch Artifact and Paleobiological Specimen from the Teton Mountains, Wyoming, USA - Journal of Glacial Archaeology

Community Heritage and Place-Based Learning at the Linn Site, Idaho - Advances in Archaeological Practice 

Why All The Way Up There? Mountain and High Altitude Archaeology - SAA Archaeological Record

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