In October of 2017 I traveled to the Azuero Peninsula of Panama on an assignment to cover    the Azuero Earth Project,  a Panamanian non-profit seeking to research the critically endangered Azuero Spider Monkey and to work with local farmers to rehabilitate destroyed rainforest. Because of farming and cattle grazing, the vast majority of primary forest in the Azuero region has been completely destroyed. As a result, the Azuero Spider Monkey is fighting for habitat and rapidly declining -- current estimates predict the entire population is just over 100. The Azuero Earth Project is researching the behavior and diet of the Spider Monkey in hopes of working with farmers to replant crucial food plants and help reestablish the population. During my time in Panama I spent days in the field with the monkey research team climbing waterfalls and hiking up steep rivers in search of monkey populations. Because of the cattle grazing, the surviving monkey populations stick to steep and demanding environments where the cows cannot reach. 

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