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Matt Stirn

Matt is an archaeologist and photojournalist based between Boston and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He holds an MSc in Environmental Archaeology and Paleoecology, and specializes in understanding how humans adapted to high elevation landscapes around the world. He has directed several archaeological research projects in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and has been involved in excavations on four continents. He is a member of the Sigma Xi Research Society, a National Fellow for The Explorer’s Club and currently has ongoing archaeological research in Wyoming, Greece, and Italy.

After experiencing how archaeological and scientific information was often narrowly shared outside of academic circles, Matt transitioned from a researcher to a photojournalist with the hope of helping important and fascinating projects around the world tell their stories. Working alongside field researchers and nonprofit organizations, he currently writes and photographs articles related to culture, history, and conservation for publications including Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times, National Geographic, BBC, GEO, and Archaeology Magazine. In addition to publishing his own work, Matt is the Program Manager at Summit Workshops, the country’s oldest photography workshop company, and an organization recognized for its efforts in training budding photographers to make lasting and positive impacts with their images.

Published With:

National Geographic, The New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, BBC World News, GEO Magazine, Stern Magazine, The Boston Globe, Scholastic Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, Photographers Without Borders Magazine,  SCOUT Magazines, Misadventures Magazine, Stio, Archaeology Magazine, American Archaeology Magazine, SAA Press, American Institute of Archaeology, British School of Archaeology, Athens, National Geographic Expeditions, Fodors Travel, Alpinist Magazine, Institute for Exploration, URI Inner Space Center, Cenage Learning Inc., Nelson Education Ltd.

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